NCS Training Solutions...

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of leading-edge training courses in diverse areas of study. Our courses have a strong focus onskills transfer to make sure that you’re getting the most out of the trainingwe provide.

Whether you are looking to mange and lead, learn,absorb and learn, write, speak and influence, think and innovate, facilitate, coach,engage, ensure personal balance etc we have a range of courses for you and your organization.

Solutions on offer;

   Talent Management and Leadership Supply




   Performance Improvement

   Human Resource Tools and Analytics

   Customer Strategy and Marketing

   Digital and Social Media

   Measures and Incentives

   Performance Culture

   Information Technology/Computer Skills

   Results Delivery



   Team Building

   Project Management

 Purchasing and Supply Chain Management


   Records and Information Management

   Budgeting and Accounting

   Credit Management

   Recruiting, Performance Management, Compensation, Career and Succession

   Interpersonal Skills

   Public Relations  

   Office and Administrative Support

   Health and Safety

    Quality Management